Clean Slate
Dustless Blasting LLC


It is nothing more than the old act of sand blasting, but using different abrasives. Depending on the hardness of the surface, many “new” abrasives can be used. These range from walnut shells to crushed coal slag. At Clean Slate Blasting, we generally use 100% recycled, crushed bottle glass due to the price, availability, and versatility. It is also eco-friendly. We combine the media in a stream of high volume, low pressure air to blast the coating off of many different surfaces. This glass is ground to varying sizes and obtains a rounded shape after crushing so that it can be handled without fear of splinters, cuts, or silicosis traditionally associated with sand. As a matter of fact, the size most often used is barely discernible from brown beach sand. The composition of the glass and the low pressures we use to blast significantly reduce the possibility of panel warping as compared to sand.

What we do

We are able to remove paint, rust and other coatings from many surfaces. This includes, but isn’t limited to sheet metal, iron, cement and wood. We are mobile, so we can blast at our shop or yours!

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